Psychosomatic Energetics


Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE) is a new alternative medicine therapy, developed by two specialists in general medicine, Dr. Reimar and Dr. Ulrike Banis. The method takes equal account of body, soul and life energy and was named after the Greek words “psyche” = soul and “soma” = body and the energy = energetics that flows through them. Only the subtle life energy in the harmonious interaction of body and soul becomes the source of health, liveliness and well-being.

What is Psychosomatic Energetics?

First of all, psychosomatic energetics offers the opportunity to measure the otherwise undetectable subtle energy field (= aura) with great accuracy and to determine the respective state of energy or lack of energy.
These energetic disturbances are diagnosed by means of a special so-called Reba test device.
Balancing the state of a weakened life energy is the goal of any energetic therapy form (for example, homeopathy, acupuncture). Because only a strong life force can ensure a lasting health.
Psychosomatic energetics makes it possible to recognize and heal the causes of illness on deeper subtle levels as well as on mental and emotional level. Weakened and disturbed life energy is often associated with deep, unconscious mental conflicts. Psychosomatic energetics makes it possible to detect and treat these conflicts in the shortest possible time.

Psychosomatic disorders – what does that mean?

It is well known that body and soul form an inseparable unit and are therefore in close relation to each other. Even if we consider just this fact, it is easy to understand that mental disorders can make the body sick, and physical disorders affect the mental state.
Furthermore, considering that our body controls many of its functions completely unaffected by our conscious will, such as sleep, digestion, blood pressure, skin temperature, hunger, etc., it quickly becomes clear that many other forces, besides our wilful control, affect the function of our “organism”. This “automatic” control unit, which cannot be influenced by our will, is the so-called autonomic (unconscious) nervous system. The autonomic nervous system, with its nerve fibers, is present in every cell of the body, and its commands are bundled into nerve nodes (ganglion). This bundling is called the vegetative plexus.
The most important vegetative nerve plexuses are located in the pelvis, lower abdomen, upper abdomen, heart area, neck, cerebellum and brain stem. Each plexus has the sovereignty over a certain body area and corresponds to the so-called Indian “chakras” = energy centres in the subtle energy field.
If all the chakras work well and harmoniously with each other, the human being is healthy and feels vital.

What makes it possible to disrupt the smooth functioning of the autonomic nervous system?
Generally speaking, and simply put, it is the “unfinished” feelings that act like sand in the transmission of the sensitive system inside the organism. Hidden mental problems disturb the course of vegetative functions and thus lead to energy stagnation. These congestions can result in a lack of energy supplied to the cells, which can cause discomfort, pain and susceptibility to serious diseases in humans.

Remedies in Psychosomatic Energetics

Ako je funkcija jednog ili više živčanih pleksusa poremećena, to može uzrokovati bol ili nelagodu na određenoj „tjelesnoj razini”. Takve energetske blokade na tjelesnoj razini, na primjer u zdjelici ili u gornjem abdomenu, najlakše se otklanjanju s pomoću posebnih homeopatskih kompleksnih lijekova, takozvanih „sredstava za čakre = Chavita”. Koja „razina” će reagirati kod koje osobe i od čega će oboljeti ovisi o naslijeđenim kritičnim točkama koje ljudi nose u sebi. Drugi aspekt je da duša često pokušava izraziti svoje skrivene potrebe kroz bol ili tegobe određenih organa.

Takozvana „emocionalna sredstva = Emvita” pomažu da se skriveni duševni konflikti izvuku na površinu i nakon toga otpuste. Jednostavno se kombiniraju s drugim terapijskim postupcima ili se mogu uzimati kao samostalni lijek. S pomoću ove „psihoterapije s kapljicama” energija pacijenta može se obnoviti u iznimno kratkom roku.

Homeopatski kompleksni lijek „Geovita” upotrebljava se za liječenje geopatskih poremećaja. Pomaže tijelu, npr. nakon reorganizacije nepovoljnog mjesta za spavanje, da u najkraćem mogućem roku ponovno uspostavi ravnotežu energije i učinkovitije prevlada električna zagađenja.

U slučaju tjeskobe, nemira i iscrpljenosti lijek „Anxiovita” pomaže u brzom rješavanju problema. Slično tome, u slučaju nervoze i unutarnje napetosti pomaže sredstvo „Simvita”, a za stanje iscrpljenosti primjenjuje se „Neurovita”.
Za grčeve se primjenjuje „Paravita”, a u slučaju boli i napetosti pomaže „Neurovita”.

If one or more nerve plexuses are disturbed in their function, it can cause pain or discomfort in the corresponding “body level”. Such energy blockages on a single body level – e.g. in the pelvis or in the upper abdomen – can be easily resolved with special homeopathic complex remedies, the so-called “Chakra remedies = Chavita”. Which “level” reacts in which person and which level becomes ill depends in each case on the inherited weak points of the individual. Another aspect is that the soul often tries to visualize hidden troubles through pain or discomfort of the organs.

The so-called “Emotional remedy = Emvita” helps to make the hidden emotional conflicts visible and to dissolve them. They can be easily combined with other therapeutic procedures or can be taken as a single remedy. This “psychotherapy with drops” enables faster recovery of the energy of the patient.

The homeopathic complex remedy “Geovita” is used for the aftercare of geopathic disorders. It helps the body, e.g. after moving the bed, to compensate for its energy faster and to overcome the electrosmog.

In case of anxiety, restlessness and exhaustion, the remedy “Anxiovita” helps to quickly solve the problem. Similarly, the remedy “Simvita” helps with nervousness and inner tension, and fatigue states are alleviated by the “Neurovita” remedy.
“Paravita” is used for cramps and “Neurovita” helps to alleviate pain and tension states.

The emotional meaning of each chakra

The energy centre of the pelvis             = 1st Chakra
Theme: Grounding and rootedness of a person, as well as his/hers evolutionary sense of basic trust in childhood.

The energy centre of the lower abdomen    = 2nd Chakra
Theme: Development of courage and strength in dealing with stress and threatening situations.

The energy centre of the upper abdomen    = 3rd Chakra
Theme: Digestion, excretion and integration. This means both the physical digestion, as well as the “digesting” and processing of events in life.

The energy centre of the heart             = 4th Chakra
Theme: Developing trust in yourself and others. Trust in life also belongs in this group.

The energy centre of the neck                = 5th Chakra
Theme: Communication, exchange with others, self-expression and honesty.

The energy centre of the forehead             = 6th Chakra
Theme: Development of intuition and imagination, harmony in living together with other people.

The energy centre of the cerebrum     = 7th Chakra
Theme: Developing a “sense of meaning” in life, including the voluntary subordination to certain rules and orders, as well as their own organization and orientation.