Telomere Therapy

The telomeres are the ends of the chromosomes, structural elements of the DNA. These ends shorten with each mitosis (cell division), i.e. over time structural changes happen in the cells. To counteract this structural shortening, our body produces an enzyme called telomerase. The length of the telomeres is the unit of measurement for our actual, biological age. Some cells, such as skin/hair and the immune system cells, are more affected by telomere shortening because they divide themselves more often than others. Therefore, we perceive the aging of the skin and hair as well as the worsening of the general state of health as the aging process. Moreover, a study in 2007 found that short telomeres in women are associated with a decrease in bone mineral density (osteoporosis).

Telomeres shorten not only as we get older, but also due to stress, smoking, alcohol, toxins, obesity, lack of exercise and bad eating habits.

In plain terms, almost all diseases of old age are the result of telomere shortening. With the help of global diagnostics, these telomeres can be measured and positively influenced by the administration of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fats.

Thanks to telomere therapy, you can increase your vitality into old age, strengthen your immune system and slow down the aging process. You can thus prevent certain diseases that are associated with the aging process.