Global diagnostics (Body Analysis)

DELTA-Scan ©® is a bioenergetic diagnostic and therapy system that works at the level of cellular information and can detect disease processes before they can be detected in the blood or using the medical imaging techniques.

The entire body is scanned by means of the finest vibration via a headset and the analysis of a drop of blood and/or hair analysis. Deviations from the optimal state are displayed and then summarized in an overall health status. This results in an individual treatment plan using herbal medicines, enzymes, neurotransmitters, vitamins etc.

DELTA-Scan ©® was originally developed for aerospace technology and bio-physics. After that, it was made usable for medical purposes and today it offers new possibilities for modern diagnostics and therapy. The system operates at the level of cellular information and can detect disease processes before they can be detected in the blood or using the medical imaging techniques.
The entire body is scanned by means of the finest vibration over the “sensor headphones” (infra-red / magnetic waves), and deviations from the optimal state are displayed.
These deviations are attributed to environmental pollution, allergies, food intolerances, parasites, vaccination stress, etc. – for every organ examined.
Once the cause of the problem has been identified, a differentiated and targeted therapy can begin.
Delta Scan is also used for this, so that a harmonious oscillation of the cells and a healthy communication between the cells can be achieved.
The biggest advantage is that you get a precise overview of the state of the cells from head to toe. DELTA-Scan ©® supports me in my holistic approach and targeted effective therapy. Thanks to the possibilities for early recognition, gentle therapies are possible.
The patient also receives a transparent insight into his health status and can recognize and comprehend both the diagnosis and the course of the therapy.
In my opinion, the development and utilization of DELTA-Scan ©® came at exactly the right time, as people are becoming ever more open to this kind of treatment, which does not regard the body as a chemistry laboratory, but rather as a highly networked system, whose functioning is based on information and vibrations (see also Albert Einstein: Mass and energy are equivalent – E = mc2).

That’s why DELTA-Scan ©® has nothing to do with esotericism!
Quantum physics teaches us that everything consists of vibrations and that the human organism also represents a multidimensional vibrational body.

The measurement starts with a so-called first scan with a comprehensive analysis. The resulting treatment plan is tailored to your symptoms and needs. This plan will be sent to you after 2 or 3 weeks via E-mail or regular mail. The treatment usually lasts approx. 1 hour, with status via subsequently recorded measurement data.

What is recorded during the measurement?

Organ – Status:  disorders and dysfunctions (for example, liver / gall bladder / thyroid, etc.) are displayed here, even if the normal blood analysis shows no abnormality.

Pathology – Status: here are displayed already manifested as well as tendentially growing pathologies in your body (time of measurement), e.g. gastritis, ulcers, D.M. type II, etc.

Toxin – Status: toxins and allergens from chemical/physical and background levels (such as heavy metals, dietary contents and dyes, pesticides, etc.)

Microorganisms – Status: stress due to micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, parasites, molds, among other things, are displayed here. 

Food – Status: stress caused by food, allergies or intolerance can be seen here. In addition, the system displays even food that your organism is missing or which can have a positive balancing effect.

Minerals and Vitamins – Status:  symptoms of vitamin, mineral and trace element deficiency, as well as enzymes and CO enzymes, and hypervitaminosis, are shown here.

Acidosis – Status: displayed are intra (inside the cell) and extracellular (outside the cell – Pischinger space) acidosis, which inhibit the transport and function of nutrients, and block the transport of toxins and cellular debris, etc.

Cell – Status: here are shown all cellular malfunctions (DNA/DNS), the cell nuclei, the telomeres and mitochondria (power plants inside the cells).

Hormone – Status: here are displayed disbalances in the hormone status.

Emotional mental status: disturbances and blockages of the chakras, the subconscious, the aura, which lead to mental-emotional illnesses (fears, depressions, etc.) but also emotional disturbances, which in turn show themselves on the physical body, e.g. disorder of 4th chakra / anxiety, abdominal pain / abdominal pressure / gastritis / D.M. type II.