Cell Cleaning / Detoxification / Detox


The purging procedures have been an integral part of naturopathic treatments for centuries and go back to the doctrine that diseases arise because of a wrong composition of bodily fluids (blood, mucus, yellow and black bile).

This noxious mixture of bodily fluids was previously treated by removing harmful substances and toxins, for example, through bloodletting or bloody cupping.

Unlike earlier times, the type of toxic load has changed and increased significantly nowadays and the therapy needs to be adjusted accordingly.

Toxin load – an underestimated problem!

The direct contact with over 60,000 civilization-related toxic substances and other pathogenic influences is now part of the sad everyday life for us.
“In recent decades, our planet has been flooded with environmental toxins and new chemicals. The combinations of some of these new poisons are sometimes more dangerous than their individual components. Many interactions have not yet been explored. This situation is new in our human development”. (Dr. Timothy Ray – CoMed 09/07)
Chemicals, heavy metals, food additives, solvents and pesticides as well as hormone residues and residues of pharmaceuticals remain in the body for years. As long as all of these poisons are interfering with our regulatory and regenerative powers, we cannot be sure that the proven medicines and therapies are effective. One speaks of the so-called “resistances” or “rigidity of reaction”.

Purging restricted?

A very important factor in purging and detoxification is the body’s ability to detoxify itself. We have genetically engineered detoxification enzymes. If these are perfectly set up, it is easier for this person to detoxify the toxic substances out of the body.
However, in case the person has a deletion mutation (genetic defect), things get complicated. This person is subject to a limited decomposition of harmful substances with regard to his/hers genetic predisposition. He/she cannot sufficiently detoxify the toxic substances and will retain more of them in the body. The residual function of the enzymes can be supported by special nutritional supplementation.
Genetic tests are available that provide information on a possible limited detoxification capacity.

5 phases program

The elimination of toxins using teas or homeopathic remedies is not enough. Targeted purification in our practice takes place after global detection of all toxins and pollutants in the body by means of global diagnostics. Only those who know what is in their bodies can strive for accurate and efficient detoxification procedures.

1st phase:
Identify toxins and stop their supply.

2nd phase:
Examine the function of excretory organs (kidneys, intestines, liver, gall bladder, skin and lymph), support and stimulate them.
Identify missing nutrients (such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and fats) and supplement them by taking food supplements.

3rd phase:
Clean inter cellular spaces, careful mobilization of old poison depots.

4th phase:
Clean cells.

5th phase:
Purify the nervous system, purge neurotoxins.

Toxin removal – latest developments

Various methods for general purification and detoxification are enormously important for a naturopathic practice.
Thus, an effective purging concept has become an absolute necessity in our practice, especially in the treatment of chronic diseases and pain.
Other important factors that we take into account are the main 3 steps:

  1. Reduce external interferences 
  2. Strengthen the organism
  3. Release anchored load

1. Reduce external interferences
External interferences are those factors that impair functional processes in the organism – that is, alter, restrict or even prevent them altogether.
They come from harmful environmental influences as well as from an unhealthy lifestyle and can be of an electromagnetic, chemical or mechanical nature.
Constantly present external interferences can prevent an organism from being able to break down the stress by itself. If these external interferences are found and eliminated, even without further therapeutic measures, the self-healing powers usually begin to work again.
You can read people’s experiences in many newspapers. The diet is changed, the electrosmog is eliminated or the bed is moved away from the geopathic irritation zone and the disease begins to dwindle.
However, if no treatment success is achieved solely by reducing external interferences that means that the regeneration forces have been blocked. Such blockage is the result of sustained deficiencies and burdens deeply embedded in the organism.

2. Strengthen the organism
Each type of purification is an additional burden and costs additional energy. In chronically ill patients, however, the body’s own energies are sometimes moving at extremely low levels and the additional burden of a purification can overwhelm these patients. This can result in even worse condition.
The strengthening of the whole organism at all three functional levels, taking into account the excretory organs, is a therapeutic necessity nowadays.
The best effect is achieved when the body’s own energies are built up via the mechanical (e.g., motion), chemical (e.g., orthomolecular substances), and energetic (e.g., electromagnetic broadband spectrum) functional levels.
No functional level can be replaced by another one.

3. Release anchored load from the body
If external interferences overwhelm the capabilities of the immune system, they can become lodged or become anchored as stress in the organism.
It becomes particularly critical when the material concentration of a load exceeds a certain threshold. Then it comes to the formation of a material bond, a coherent domain. These bonds are held together by a physical field in addition to chemical bonding forces, making them extremely difficult to degrade in the organism.
In addition to the purely material stress caused by toxins, it can also lead to an information burden. This occurs when interfering signals emitted by toxins are stored in other parts of the body, where they can cause various malfunctions.

The general procedure for effective toxin release thus requires:

  • releasing (mobilizing) anchored toxins and their associations 
  • binding them chemically and 
  • eliminating them via the detoxification organs and 
  • eliminating disturbance information associated with other body regions

Electromagnetic interference signals offer the best opportunities for releasing specific anchored loads.