Spinal Scan

Radiation-free determination of geometric data of the spine

The SpinalMouse was developed in Switzerland. More than 3,000 clinics, doctors, therapists and spine centres in Europe has already been using this device.

The computer-aided device analyses the sagittal and frontal back shape as well as the mobility for each spine segment.

The handy measuring device is guided down the spinal column. The measurement takes only a few minutes, is radiation-free and risk-free. This is particularly important for the regular follow-up after therapies or in case of progressive spinal disorders, such as scoliosis.

Compared to known methods, the MediMouse offers significant advantages in terms of accuracy, objectivity and presentation of the measured values ​​and the cost-benefit ratio is optimal. The user-friendly and patient-friendly measurement is non-invasive and the patient is not exposed to any radiation.

Detailed results with high accuracy in a second

  • Determination of geometric data of the spine                                                      
  • Well-founded posture and movement analyses                                                                       
  • Visualization of hyper- and hypomobility, regional and intersegmental                          
  • Demonstration of postural competence and postural insufficiency                                     
  • Documentation of condition, change, course of therapy Building trust in patients through understandable information and motivation

Detailed results with high accuracy in a second

The SpinalMouse is guided by hand along the spine and body joints. The measuring head adapts to the body contours. Clinically relevant data, such as back length, inclination relative to the perpendicular, kyphosis and lordosis of individual spinal column segments, segmental angles and pelvic position are transmitted wirelessly to a PC or laptop.

The software independently generates clear graphical representations and comparison tables. Abnormalities are immediately visible on the screen.

Thanks to the unique ability to collectively capture postural competence and thus define physiological and disease-specific norms, the SpinalMouse is extremely valuable for scientific issues.


  • Manual medicine, chiropractic
  • Physical and rehabilitative medicine 
  • Pain treatment  
  • Preventive medicine
  • Sports medicine
  • Osteopathy
  • Individual training and muscle building