Orthomax – flexion traction therapy

Back pain can have many causes!

In many cases, signs of wear on the small vertebral joints are the cause of back pain. But also disc space narrowing as well as muscular imbalances can cause strong back pain.

In some cases, however, a herniated disc is the cause.
If no paralysis occurs, an Orthomax therapy can be very helpful.

Both the traction treatment as well as the vibrating oscillation can create enough space for spinal nerves emerging from the spine.
The facet joints are relieved and mobilized again.
The disc nucleus, which presses on the nerve root, can slide back into its original position through the relief.

Diet is also very important for intervertebral discs!

Nutrition takes place via the bloodstream – i.e. via small capillaries, which lead to the target organ.
However, the intervertebral disc has no direct contact with blood vessels and can thus only feed on osmosis. Osmosis runs over a concentration gradient.

  • The advantage of osmosis is that it runs without energy. 
  • The disadvantage is that it cannot bridge long distances.

The intervertebral disc is thus bound to the surrounding structures, which are nourished and thus able to deliver something.
The surrounding structures are muscles in this case. They are small muscles which run from the spinous process of one vertebral body to the transverse process of the lower or upper vertebral body or from the spinous process to the spinous process. Due to their position, they have the opportunity to deliver “nutrients” to the relatively closely adjacent intervertebral disc.

So it’s important that the little muscles on the spine are well supplied with blood to feed the disc.
Studies showed that most disc herniations were caused by “degeneration” of these muscles.

The relief of the intervertebral disc leads to osmotic pressure – a suction effect. As a result, it is filled with liquid and nutrients. The intervertebral disc is like a water pillow.

Extensive treatment with the three-dimensional vibration improves the blood circulation and expands the deep spinal muscles. As a result, more nutrients are returned to the discs and the gelatinous core of the discs can hydrate better.

Application of Orthomax therapy

  • Duration of application per session 30 min. 
  • The treatment is performed with a cycle of up to 10 sessions.

The best results are achieved when the treatment is done daily. Tight intervals are especially important at the beginning.
After the 7th or 8th treatment, the intervertebral discs are usually stabilized. Therefore, at least 10 treatments should be done.