Our Team

Andreas Eggensberger
Nationality German Born in 1972
Hobbies Internal Martial Arts (Kung Fu / Tai Chi / QI Gong) Diving
Education Non-medical practitioner training
  Study of alternative medicine / focus on pain therapy 
  Degree: Pain Therapy Diploma
  5 years of study of osteopathy
  Degree: Osteopath
  Postgraduate studies D.O. Osteopathic Medicine
Specialist trainings: Sports Medicine & Taping
  Chiropractic (Master of Chiropractic)
  NPSO pain therapy
  LNB pain therapy (Liebscher & Bracht)
  Acupuncture (cranial acupuncture (YNSA), ear acupuncture)
  ISBT Bowen Therapy
  Trigger point therapy / fascial therapy
  Pain therapy (neural therapy, injection and infusion techniques)
  Leeches and maggot therapy
  PSE Psychosomatic Energetics
  Medical massage / Manual therapy
  Physical medicine
  Nutritional medicine
Memberships: Association of German Naturopaths
  VFO (Association of Free Osteopaths)